San Francisco Trolley Dances

This October, Epiphany Dance Theater will celebrate its 15th anniversary of San Francisco Trolley Dances!

A two-day, free (with Muni fare) public performance curated by Epiphany Dance Theater artistic director Kim Epifano, pairs artists and ensembles with specific sites along San Francisco’s MUNI route, where they are invited to create an 8- to 15-minute piece in response to the physical environment, architecture and history of the area.


Saturday & Sunday, October 20–21

15th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances

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Epiphany’s Kids on Track educational program will take place on October 19th.

Photos by Andy Mogg

“Presented By Epiphany Dance Theater, Trolley Dances is the most delectable moveable dance feast of the season. Using the city as both a backdrop and unpredictable character, the peripatetic event ushers many of the Bay Area’s top dance companies off the stage and onto the street.”

Kids On Track

Since 2007, Epiphany has offered Bay Area schools a free educational component of SF Trolley Dances known as Kids on Track, which features in-school workshops and site-specific performances.

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