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About SFTD

Epiphany’s San Francisco Trolley Dances (SFTD) is an annual festival presented over 3 days along a designated public transit route, FREE of charge. This is a communal experience uniting and highlighting a diverse group of dance artists, helping people see dance in new ways. SFTD connects neighborhoods and participants to San Francisco’s history, culture, architecture, natural environment and social fabric.

“Presented by Epiphany Dance Theater, SF Trolley Dances is the most delectable moveable dance feast of the season. Using the city as both a backdrop and unpredictable character, the peripatetic event ushers many of the bay area’s top dance companies off the stage and onto the street.”


Trolley Dances is a trademark of San Diego Dance Theater and is used here with permission.

Kids On Track


Since 2007, Epiphany has offered Bay Area schools a free educational component of SF Trolley Dances known as Kids on Track, which features in-school workshops and site-specific performances.

2022 Successes

  • 365 students participated in KOT Workshops !
  • 415 students attended KOT Day Fri. Oct 21 !
  • 7 Schools served throughout the SF Bay Area !