Free Virtual Premiere of San Francisco Trolley Dances 2023 - Online Film is now Live!

Thank you to everyone who came to support the 20th anniversary SFTD!

This is one of the best things in SF’s long list of best things. Truly special and creative!

Best year yet, inspiring performances and locations. Smiling the whole time. Joy!


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About The Performance


Creative Director: Kim Epifano
Choreography: Kim Epifano & Performers
Costuming: Fruit with Kim Epifano’s costume collection
Jonah’s Lift Musical Coord., Vocals, Drum & Traveling Song written by: Daryl Henline
Accordion: Jonathan Kipp
Vocals: Amy Tobin
Vocals, Drum: Jerry McDaniel
Vocals, Guitar: Peter Whitehead, Sloan Looney, Clay Eugene Smith
Vocals, Tambourine: Bobby Coleman, David de la Torre, Rich Stone
Site Coordinators: Romano Catizone (Chapel) & Princes Abulayan (EDT)


Roel Seeber
Hannah Westbrook
Hien Huynh
Ciarra D’Onofrio
Jessica DeFranco
KJ Dahlaw
Derek DiMartin

Founder Kim Epifano

Bay Area leader in site-specific storytelling design for performance and methodology between art and communities.

For over 35-years Kim Epifano has been an award-winning choreographer, director, performer, vocalist, educator, collaborator and community arts organizer. Epifano is acclaimed for her interdisciplinary, site-specific works that welcome new and diverse audiences to the world of dance and create bridges of cross-cultural understanding.