Youth Programs

Program Overview

Epiphany Dance Theater is available for ongoing classes and workshop series to schools, youth centers, afterschool programs and more.

Theater Arts Summer Camp

Campers will learn from master teachers in various performing arts disciplines including: Storytelling, Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, Technical Theater,  Yoga and more! They will rehearse in an ensemble and develop creative confidence! The camp will culminate in a final performance inside the Creativity Theater! 

When: July 10 – 28, 2023
Final Performance: July 28
Where: Children’s Creativity Museum 221 4th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Kids On Track

Since 2007, Epiphany has offered Bay Area schools a free educational component of SF Trolley Dances known as Kids on Track. Kids on Track reaches out to our city’s youth with a program that includes a master class/workshop, meet-the-artist sessions, and exposure to live professional performances through reserved tours for the Friday shows of SFTD. We work with students from grade school through college, as well as home schoolers.

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Workshops Available for Booking

One of Epiphany Dance Theater’s most successful educational outreach programs is its Storytelling Dance Theater and Visual Arts Program for K through 6th grade students. The workshops are designed to teach basic performance skills as a means of self-expression, provide hands-on experience working as a group and expand basic language skills, as well as to promote self-confidence, creative problem-solving and cross-cultural awareness. Residencies can be one workshop or up to year long ongoing workshops.

Storytelling Dance Theater & Visual Art

Youth Workshop

Kim Epifano will take participants on an interactive performance ride using old and new stories. Kim will guide students through a specific story while the students participate through language, character development, song, movement. There will be a call and response warm up with movement, sound, and body percussion. The warm up serves as an intro to the material and will be used again in the story telling so that the students become more familiar with the structure

Kim’s focus is on empowering the students through self expression, building confidence, strengthening language skills, and the freedom to have fun and work with a group in a non competitive creative environment. They will be drawing, and crafting their own props. The students will learn that a story well told never gets old!

CROW Theater/Ensemble Building (Character, Relationship, Objective, Where)

Youth Workshop

These are the fundamentals of good storytelling. Let’s explore how we can incorporate them in our performance work and real life. Through improvisation and movement/ensemble based exercises individuals will use CROW to craft unique/original Characters, define the Relationships that exist in the playing space, clarify our Objectives, and examine Where the action takes place.

Aerial Dance for Kids

Youth Workshop

Students are introduced to aerial arts in a fun, relaxed environment.  Students will be introduced to inversion and strength building in a safe and creative way.  We will explore movement, self expression and basic aerial skill building.  Apparatus may include tissue, hammock or trapeze.

Past Youth Summer & International Programs

Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre Troupe

For 33 years, Kim co-directed Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre Troupe at Telluride Academy in Telluride, Colorado with music and theater director Sally Davis, prop master Mike Stasiuk, and founder of the Telluride Academy Wendy Brooks. Mudd Butt International (MBI) has toured internationally for 21 years to Morocco, Galapagos, Bali, Turkey, Indonesia, Slovakia, the Bahamas, Ireland, New Zealand, Nicaragua, India, Vietnam, Cat Island and Ethiopia, among others.

Mudd Butt International (1993-2019)

For 26 years, Mudd Butt International’s adventurous spirit brought teenagers across the world to learn theater, music, dance, visual arts while experiencing cross-cultural immersion. MBI has toured Morocco, Galapagos, Bali, Turkey, Indonesia, Slovakia, the Bahamas, Ireland, New Zealand, Nicaragua, India, Vietnam, Cat Island and Ethiopia, among others. Master workshops were taught at international residencies which culminated in a public performance that takes place from village to village.

Youth Residency Archive