Our Mission

Epiphany Dance Theater creates thought-provoking, accessible dance performances and educational programs, building understanding across cultures and ages. On the stage and in the street, we illuminate the ordinary and the extraordinary, inspiring social change using art as a vehicle.

Artistic Focus

Our programs include annual performance and educational programming; the highly acclaimed San Francisco Trolley Dances (SFTD), now in its 20th year; and community education and outreach activities for youth and adults in the Bay Area and around the world.


Kim Epifano (She/Her)

Artistic Director & Exec Team (Founder)

Enter Kim Epifano, who for more than 20 years has been making work in this city that’s grounded us in a social center while stretching towards San Francisco’s physical limits. She has managed to make defined communities the successful end rather than the procedural means of her aesthetic vision. Her work models a vision for community development and documentary at the intersection of deft, provocative artistic expression.

Zoë Klein Headshot

Zoë Klein (She/Her)

Project Director

Zoë Klein is a multi-disciplinary choreographer, acrobatic dancer, arts administrator, and activist in the Bay Area. Zoë is an indigenous, internationally adopted person, born in Colombia, raised in Brooklyn, NY, living in Bay Area since 2010. Zoë has been Producing Director/Facility Manager at CounterPulse, Communications Manager at Adoption Museum Project, Development Associate at Luna Dance Institute, Managing Director of FLACC, and Managing Director/Executive Team with Epiphany Dance Theater. She co-directs Paradizo Dance since 2005 having performed in 26 countries over 6 continents and was top 20 finalist on "America's Got Talent.” Zoë Klein Productions was nominated for best ensemble Izzie Dance Award 2018. She continues to make work around themes of adoption and designing school social emotional learning assemblies.

Cindy Bruneman Michael (She/Her)

Bookkeeper, Advisory Executive Team

Finance leader and consultant with over 20 years of experience in non-profit arts and social service organizations and for- profit construction and commercial real estate companies. Extensive experience with board presentations and driving process improvements within organizations. An enthusiastic and considerate problem solver, dedicated to ethics, program efficiency and good stewardship of funds. Highly resourceful, open-minded and develops strong working relationships within diverse groups of people. She has worked for Kronos Performing Arts Association/Kronos Quartet, Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, Junior Center for Art and Science and Epiphany Dance Theater since 2018.

Clara Hollowgrass (She/Her)

Social Media Associate

Clara Hollowgrass joins our team as the social media associate for our 2023 San Francisco Trolley Dances. Clara is a recent graduate from University of Oregon where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology. She is passionate about her own artistic presence in two-dimensional media, and draws from her Bay Area past to help organize this SF-staple event.

Arayah Fleming (She/Her)

Kids On Track Manager

Arayah Fleming, has been a professional dancer and teaching artist in California for a little over 5 years. She teaches hip hop dance classes for adults and kids starting at the age of 3 with Destiny Art center, and for various schools in the Oakland Unified School District. She teaches at Full Out Studios, choreographs for Grammy Award winning singing group Alphabet Rockers. Arayah’s biggest teaching priority is to see her students leave with a new sense of confidence in their movement and an understanding that no matter where they are in their dance journey, they are amazing and deserve to be celebrated.


James Hunter (he/him)

Board President, CEO

James has served on Epiphany’s Board since the organization was founded in 1997, and is currently the President of the Board and CEO. James is a Design Principal with The Wiseman Group in San Francisco. James received a Masters of Science in Art Education (magna cum laude) from the State University College of Buffalo, New York.

Arleen Vatuvei (she/her)

Board Treasurer

Arleen joined Epiphany’s Board in 2017. Arlene is a Wealth Management Client Associate at US Bank and holds several licenses and professional memberships. Arlene graduated from San Francisco State University with a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance.

Richard Kittle (he/him)

Board Member

Richard is an aerial design artist and rigger, who has worked in the Bay Area Dance world for 25 years, with many outstanding choreographers including Kim Epifano, Amelia Rudolph, Suzanne Gallow, Jo Krieter, Jody Lomask and companies like Bandaloop and UpSwing. Richard has 45 years of experience in the building trades—from bridges to boats, cars, homes and art pieces.

Todd Laby (he/him)

Board Member

Todd joined Epiphany’s Board in 2016. He is a visual artist and has a background in art direction, product, set, furniture and digital design. He holds a BS in Business Economics, BA in Advertising Design and a BFA in Furniture, Sculpture and Product Design.

Past EDT Staff

EDT Staff & Artist Appreciation 1997 – 2023

Epiphany would not be possible without your expertise, talents & commitment to our mission and the communities we serve!

Tanya Calamoneri
Amy Kingwill
Krista Denio
Nina Sazevich
Kristi Reed
Chris Dunaway
Kelly Kemp
Randy Symank
Kelley Riebel
Jing He
Michelle K. Lynch
Avril Stevenson
Brenda Marie
Hope Mirlis
Caitlin Hafer
Jake Zimmer
Tanya Chianese
Samantha Gonzalez
Kelsey Trottier
Geraldine Wong
Joshua Hayes
Jessica Barber
Trisha Schultz
Essa Abuluyan
Liz Shemory
Zachary Forcum
Annamarie Santos
Jes DeVille
Jay LaRocque
Janesta Edmonds
Zoë Klein
Kayla May Paz Suarez

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