About Performances

Epiphany Dance Theater’s repertoire blends dance, music, theater and spoken word in a multi-textured experience of community, culture and place. Its body of work reflects the artistic director’s exposure to different perspectives on community art-making and diverse cultural norms from her experiences around the world from Latin America, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. Kim Epifano’s work is known for its bold and imaginative outdoor explorations that resonate with all ages and backgrounds, newcomers to dance-veterans. Epiphany is equally celebrated for its development and curation of new choreographers, dancers and ongoing contribution to the vibrancy of the Bay Area dance community.

Our Collaborators

Over the past two decades, Epiphany Dance Theater has commissioned and supported more than 100 artists and arts companies representing a broad array of cultural and ethnic communities from around the Bay Area.

André Gregory, director, actor, and writer
Allen Wilner, lighting designer
Antione Hunter, African/Indigenous, Deaf, Disable, Two Spirit producer, choreographer
Ara Glenn-Johanson, actor/singer/dancer
Bart Hopkins, instrument inventor, composer, musician
Bob Ernst, actor/musician
Brian Goggin, multidisciplinary artist
Brava! for Women in the Arts
Brenda Wong Aoki, playwright, performer, storyteller
C.Derrick Jones, actor, dancer
Chris Aiken, contact improvisation and improvisor
Christine Bonansea, choreographer/performer
Dan Chumley, director
Daryl Henline, composer, opera singer, and actor
Diana Gameros, singer songwriter
Ed Holmes, Actor
Elaine Buckholtz, lighting designer, musician
Ellen Bromberg, videographer/editor
Gama Hsu, performer/choreographer
George Brooks, musician/musician
Hien Huynh, performer/improviser
Hou Honglan, ballerina
Marina Fukushima, performer/choreographer
Michael Bernard Loggins, writer/cartoonist, Creativity Explored
Peter Yarrow of singer/songwriter of Peter, Paul, and Mary;
Joan Jeanrenaud, cellist and composer
Kathleen Hermesdorf, Artistic Director of ALTERNATIVA
Janet Koike, Artistic Director of Rhythmix Cultural Works and Maze Daiko
Janine Trinidad, performer
Jean Isaacs, choreographer, San Diego Dance Theatre
Jeff Morrison, actor, singer, and dancer
Jenny McAllister, actor, movement artist, director/choreographer and script writer
Jess Curtis, choreographer/performer;
Jim Cave, director and actor

Joanna Haigood, choreographer
Joan Holden, writer;
John Fago, photographer, writer
Jon Weaver, choreographer
Judith Smith, AXIS Dance Company
Jules Beckman, dancer and musician
Julie Kane, dancer, choreographer
Kayla May Paz Suarez, performance artist
Karla Quintero, choreographer/performer
Keith Hennessey, performance artist
Krissy Keefer’s Dance Brigade
Laura Inserra, composer/musician
Lauren Elder, set designer
Laura E. Ellis, choreographer/performer/educator
Maria Chenut, Costume Designer
Mike Stasiuk, propmaster and sculptor
Nehara Kalev, performing artist;
Norman Rutherford, musical director, musician, performer
Pamela Lifton-Zoline, writer/painter;
Peter Whitehead, composer/musician
Richard Kittle, aerial design artist
Rinde Eckert, composer, performer, playwright
Robert Henry Johnson, performer and choreographer
Sally Davis, director, musician
Sara Shelton Mann, choreographer/performer
Shaghayegh Cyrous, multimedia artist
Shakiri, dancer
Stephanie Nugent, Artistic Director of Stephanie Nugent Dance
Stephen Kent, composer/musician
Su Wai, Burmese harp player/musician
Tere O’Connor, choreographer, dancer
Todd Herman, animator
Uriah Findley, composer/sound designer/performer