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19th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances 2022

Event Summary

Thank you for celebrating 19 years of San Francisco Trolley Dances with us!

Produced by: Epiphany Dance Theater
Co-curated by: Kim Epifano & Zoë Klein
Communications & Education Director: Kayla May Paz Suarez

Sound Engineer & Sound Rental: Patrick Simms
Photographers: Amani Photography & Kyle Adler
Videography: Loren Robertson Productions
SFTD Theme Song: Essie Thomas
Voice Overs: Michelle Gardner, Princess Abuluyan, Kayla May Paz Suarez, Kim Epifano

Kids On Track Lead Teachers: Kim Epifano, Kayla May Paz Suarez, KJ Dahlaw
Lead Tour Guides: Heidi Erickson, Michelle Gardner, Jenny Perfilio, Kayla May Paz Suarez
Assistant Tour Guides: James Hunter, Todd Laby, Dylan Rodolf, Ed Whiteman

Volunteers: Eleanor Bronner, Hanna Cai, Amy Carlton, Sharon Shuqing Guo, Yiting Huang, Isabel Ponce, Junhui Ran, Ben Tan, Paula Vallers, Maureen Merrigan-Whiteman, Samson Zhang, Matthew Zhu

Online audiences experienced phenomenal site-specific dance in six different locations from The SoMa and Chinatown.

In dedication: This 2022 SFTD is dedicated in loving memory of Steven Gluckstern, a lover of the arts and one of the original supporters of this special event.


Audience Comments

This was amazing!!! First, it was so well organized and left on time. The lead tour guides were kind, informative, funny and competent. Kept us all safe and on track. Each dance performance was professional and so well done. Serious, playful, funny and moving...

One more year very grateful for you putting together such an amazing event for free: Original every year, so well organized, gorgeous and diverse dances.

This was terrific! Loved how each dance was crafted for the site, totally unique, clever, and beautiful. I discovered new areas of the city I hadn't spent time in before.

Thank you SO much for another fantastic year of trolley dances! We decided to split it into two half tours, with lunch for our group in between. We had some newbies and some returning peeps. We all LOVED it and will prob plan as a group outing again next year. Thank you SO much for this phenomenal event.


Trolley Dances is a trademark of San Diego Dance Theater and is used here with permission.

SFTD 2022 was generously supported by

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