16th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances 2019

Event Summary

Thank you for celebrating 16 years of San Francisco Trolley Dances with us!

Audiences experienced phenomenal site-specific dance in seven different locations from Mid Market to Noe Valley.


Audience Comments

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I especially appreciated the performers at Powell St. [Soulforce]. Lovely mix of races, talent. All heartfelt. Loved the performance spaces. Fun! Thank you!”

“Loved the diversity and tone/storyline of different dance groups and different sites. Great idea ‘connecting’ different neighborhoods.”

“I loved the diversity and the styles that were shown throughout the tour. I felt welcomed and excited for what the dancers had to share with us.”

“I loved it! I will now come every year. Loved the diversity of the performers and venues.”

“The kids at Cable Car [Soulforce] were great. What energy! Enjoyed learning about J, I never think about taking it. The dance on the square [dawsonsancesf @ Town Square] was great also. I never saw dance with acapella. Wonderful. Thank you. The sites were beautiful.”

“Loved seeing older women performing in mOtoR/Dance. Love seeing dancers of color. Loved mOtoR/Dance. Loved the ribbon dances in the first location. Loved the young people at the cable car turnaround [Soulforce]. Prefer neighborhood locations to Downtown. Good Job.”

“Moving and different dance have made this so much more accessible for my now teenaged child (almost 18!!) and as they are non-binary/all gender, expansive dances are so welcome. We missed one year and are so glad to be back. Thank you to all the venues for hosting Trolley Dances. P.S. We forgot about online registration and were so glad to get on the 11:45 tour (got in line about 10am) :).”

“This year: One of the best!”


Trolley Dances is a trademark of Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater and is used here with permission.

Photos by Arleen Vatuvei, Ed Moreno, Alexia Chimenti, Ken Perkins, and Susan Mallon.

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