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Program Overview

Epiphany Dance Theater teaches classes and workshops at colleges and universities, dance professionals, dance and theater festivals and performing arts organizations around the country in a variety of movement and theatrical techniques.

Classes & Workshops Available for Booking

Contact Improvisation


Physical action through open score and improvisation and some use of vocals will open the imagination and the body to every mover’s potential. Students explore their individual creativity, balance, and body awareness while learning to move in relation to themselves, the floor, and a partner.

By sharing weight, strength, space and gravity, participants learn how to trust and be trusted while falling on and off the edges of each other’s bodies. We explore how the ending of one move is the beginning of another and how to utilize momentum to continue the progressive nature of the dance. Improvisation skills will be refined through interdisciplinary methods. Be prepared to sweat, and have fun! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

The Art of Abstract Storytelling


These workshops incorporate physicality-sourcing, essence, guts, partnering, improvisation, distillation, imagery, vocalization, theater, text, self and world politics. We will also use visual art taking pencil/pen to large paper, a process of body mapping that reveals maybe what you did not know was there. Interdisciplinary artists welcome.

For performers who dance, sing, act, write, play an instrument or not, and have a strong sense of improvisation as well as technical skills and want to dive further into the creative process of creating and editing material! These workshops will help strengthen your choreographic/sound/text performance ideas into reality with integrity. Bring kneepads, a journal, writing implement and one object that you identify with now in your work and life.

Site-Specific Performance Lab for Dancers, Actors, Musicians


Using interdisciplinary improvisation techniques, find out how to creatively respond and use the landscape, architecture, history, sound, and vibration of a site to create unique work. In collaboration with the group, we will use inside and outside spaces, generating choreography, sound, image, and physical theater.

Each day we will start with a grounding and energizing warm-up using Yoga, Chi Gung, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern Dance, Chakra singing, rhythmic and lyrical call and response, solo and group improvisations. This will lead us into our imaginations and tune our systems to be ready to dive into our sites. The last day of the workshop will include a site-specific showing of our week’s investigations. Please bring a blank page journal and if you play and instrument, please bring it!

Dance/Body Song (Be) Your Own Village


Join Kim Epifano in a process of self-excavation, awareness, and reckoning. Through guided investigation of abstract storytelling and movement, this workshop incorporates improvisational imagery, essence, guts, contact improvisation, body percussion, sound, drawing, sourcing, vocalization, and theater. We will take pencil/pen to large paper, a process of body mapping that reveals maybe what you did not know was there, working solo and with the greater group. It is with depth and honesty that we support each other through deep imagination, curiosity, and healing.

Current Teaching Artists


Dance, Movement, Yoga

Kayla May

Dance, Theater, Acting, Media


Movement, Storytelling, Improvisation, Music, Physical Theater