17th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances 2020

Event Summary

Thank you for celebrating 17 years of San Francisco Trolley Dances with us!

Online audiences experienced phenomenal site-specific dance in six different locations from Dogpatch to Bayview.


Audience Comments

“Thanks so much. I’m a senior citizen (in New Mexico they call us “honored” citizens) isolated home alone due to the recent surge in covid cases in New Mexico. I was feeling so very blue, but these performances lifted my spirits and brought joy into my small apartment.”

“What a joyful experience and surprise to see it moved online. The dance and music and neighborhood tour were a perfect combination. Thank you again for all of your effort and creativity. Wonderful event for our city and community. We will see you again next year!”

“I am so in awe of Epiphany Dance Theater’s team for pulling off such a feat. I have been separated from so many friends and associates these past 7 months, that it took my breadth away to see so much of the SF Bay Area Dance scene represented (I miss everyone and I miss you, Epiphany). All of the works spoke to our current socio-political climate, while holding the spirit of San Francisco. The film of each work was high quality, well edited, and the event flowed well. The composed SF Trolley Dances song was brilliant–great Branding and drove home a lot of ideas. The history that was provided was brilliant–it really landed, and revealed the evolution of the city. I think you all are brilliant. I am not only proud of you, but am thankful for your work, care, and dedication. With love and solidarity!”

“Great realization of the spirit of Trolley Dances in the age of Covid! The translation of this unique event to film was so well done! Loved seeing the photos of old SF.”

“I think the whole team should be proud!! With the introduction of technology in this unique and unprecedented time to bring the event new life online is amazing!!!”

“Stunning integration of unique life performances and audio visual media, creating an engaging and trilling experience on my screen and my soul. The transitions between dances with guitarist and perky guide, as well as the quality of footage with amazing resolution, light and color, played a key role in the piece’s success. Bravo!!!!!!”

“Performances were wonderful and video version allowed a clear view without having to fight a crowd or watch from awkward and uncomfortable positions, though I do love the energy of a live performance.”

“I am filled with awe, energy and excitement. Well done taking SFTD virtually and doing it successfully. I was entertained, rejuvenated and inspired by each piece. It was a gift and I am grateful for each and everyone that made it happen. Thank you.”


Trolley Dances is a trademark of Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater and is used here with permission.

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