Storytelling Dance Theater and Visual Arts Program at BCES

Spring 2014 – Bessie Carmichael Elementary School (BCES), San Francisco

Storytelling Dance Theater and Visual Arts Program—a workshop series through Intersection for the Arts for k-1 students.

My students and I are truly amazed at Ms. Epifano’s talent as an artist. She combined her lesson of storytelling with actions and active participation of the students through drama. Students did drawing, coloring, and painting, as well. What a wonderful way for the students to stay focused and comprehend the stories. I hope there will be a way to keep the program and especially the artists like Ms. Epifano.”
– Evangeline Tiongco, Teacher

“My students and I only have positive things to say about our experience with Ms. Kim Epifano. Every week my students look forward to the class as she transports us on a journey to act out stories from the Philippines and other faraway places. She works with them in visual and performance activities that help them express their feelings about art, leaving my students wanting for more.”
– Irene Aragon, Teacher

“The children responded well to all stories and visual arts, and we produced two stories and artwork in every class; therefore, the quality and the volume of work showed the strength of what we were doing. Because of how well the program was organized and prepped, the students were engaged the entire duration. Developing stories from folktales of the Philippines was a very important cultural sharing that happened with all the teachers and students.”
– Kim Epifano, Master teacher