Site-Specific Performance Lab For Dancers, Actors, And Musicians

Using interdisciplinary improvisation techniques, find out how to creatively respond and use the landscape, architecture, history, sound, and vibration of a site to create unique work.

In collaboration with the group, we will use inside and outside spaces, generating choreography, sound, image, and physical theater. Each day we will start with a grounding and energizing warm-up using Yoga, Chi Gung, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern Dance, Chakra singing, rhythmic and lyrical call and response, solo and group improvisations. This will lead us into our imaginations and tune our systems to be ready to dive into our sites. The last day of the workshop will include a site-specific showing of our week’s investigations. Please bring a blank page journal and if you play and instrument, please bring it!

Photos by Andy Mogg