Rock & Mortar 2019

December 4-8, 2019

Rock & Mortar was an immersive, multidisciplinary performance featuring an all-woman cast and their stories of gender, ancestry, religion and politics. In this dance/theatre/song adventure, audiences were invited to explore the venue’s physical landmarks amidst an extraordinary collection of intimate vignettes and sensory installations. Photos by Robbie Sweeny.


…an inclusive, and expansive, often dreamlike journey that transcends time, place and ethnicity…a hive of energy, one that pays justice to the work women do, their frustrations – and their dreams, too.

Leslie KatzSF Examiner

There is something orgiastic in this work, and the through-line transmitted is the presence through the eons of female bodies as sites of labor, of healing, and of madness. The stories sung and told often feature grandmothers – their remedies, their physicality, their enduring offering.

Elizabeth Costello