Pages in The Wind / Pagine nel vento SFTD 2023

October 21 & 22, 2023

Site Location: Fisherman’s & Seaman’s Chapel

The Fisherman’s & Seasman’s Chapel stands as a memorial to those folks “who have braved cold waves, blinding fog and howling winds” to bring in the day’s catch. The structure was completed in 1981 on the former site of an old Coast Guard building. Epiphany Dance Theater was joined by Jonah’s Lift, a chorus led by Daryl Henline, one of the originators of the Conspiracy of Beards.

Jonah’s Lift performed live with Epiphany Dance Theater’s San Francisco Trolley Dances 2023 at Fisherman & Seaman’s Memorial Church.

Creative Director: Kim Epifano

Choreography: Kim Epifano & Performers

Costuming: Fruit with Kim Epifano’s costume collection


Roel Seeber,
Hannah Westbrook,
Hien Huynh,
Ciarra D’Onofrio,
Jessica DeFranco,
KJ Dahlaw,
Derek DiMartini

Jonah’s Lift Musicians

Jonah’s Lift Musical Coordinatianor, Vocals, Drum & Traveling Song written by: Daryl Henline
Accordion: Jonathan Kipp
Vocals: Amy Tobin
Vocals, Drum: Jerry McDaniel
Vocals, Guitar: Peter Whitehead, Sloan Looney, Clay Eugene Smith
Vocals, Tambourine: Bobby Coleman, David de la Torre, Rich Stone
Site Coordinators: Romano Catizone (Chapel) & Princes Abulayan (EDT)


Photos by Kyle Adler and Zoë Klein