Last Blue Couch In The Sky 2017

June 2-4, 2017

The first section of Last Blue Couch in the Sky was Kim Epifano’s creative response to San Francisco and SoMa’s rapid transformation, and the negative impact on many residents and artists of growing gentrification, displacement, and income inequality. Epifano’s focus in the second half of the piece concerned the new generation of artist voyagers who are finding their way to San Francisco to make their mark on the city—a celebration of the present and moving forward, with gratitude for the sacrifices of those from the past. Last Blue Couch in the Sky highlighted the rejuvenation resulting from the collision of old and new, harnessing its power as a force for innovative art making and community engagement.

Conceived by Kim Epifano and Commissioned and Presented by YBCA, Last Blue Couch in the Sky marked the 20th anniversary of Epiphany Dance Theater and was dedicated to Norma Baldini Epifano.

14 Performance Sites in the SoMa from Tutubi Plaza to YBCA Lobby Culmination Performance in YBCA Forum

Areyla Moss-Maguire        Natalie Greene
Arina Hunter                       Nuria Bowart
Elisabeth Kindler-Abali   Priscilla Park
Hien Huynh                        Samantha Dizon
Jennifer Perfilio                 Sebastian Grubb
Jesselito Bie                        Sriba Kwadjovie
Linda Phung                       Tim Rubel
Lucrezia Palandri              Xedex Olivas
Maica Folch                        Zoë Klein

The Last Blue Couch was both epic and intimate in its reflections on a fascinating neighborhood. The combination of storytelling and dance in the places where it all happened felt like I was part of something unique and was totally engrossing. There were so many striking and potent visuals that will stay in my mind for a long time. The performance has enriched my experience of being a new part of the soma community.

Daniel Harvey


Photos: Andy Mogg

Epiphany Dance Theater

Artistic Director:     Kim Epifano
Managing Director:    Zackary Forum
Assistant Director:     Jenny Perfilio
Production Manager:     Jack Beuttler
Lighting Designer:     Allen Willner
Stage Manager:     Bethanie Baeyen
Musical Director:     Laura Inserra
Design/Rigger:     Richard Kittle
Costume Designer:     Maria Chenut
Blue Couch contributor:     Brian Goggin
Script Writer:     Joan Holden
Script Writer:     Oliver Saria