Global Mountain 2012

2012 – Telluride, Colorado

Global Mountain Theater is a unique program designed for students who are interested in international affairs and believe they can help create a global community for a few special moments in time!

Every five years the Mudd Butts invite students from the countries that have hosted us from Mudd Butt International to come and to be guests in Telluride. Past programs had visiting students from Ireland, Viet Nam and Bhutan. This year hosted students from Turkey, Viet Nam, Jordan and Chile. Participants begin as separate entity and gradually form a unique community of singing, dancing, bike riding, soccer playing kids who could be anyone from anywhere. Students from the ages 14-18, particularly those who have been part of Mudd Butts and MBI, are invited. The experience culminates in a final performance at the Palm Theater in Telluride, Colorado.

Global Mountain is directed by Wendy Brooks. The theater, music, dance workshops and performance are directed by Kim Epifano and Sally Davis with Clay Frohman, and special guest for 2012 was Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary.