Contraband MIRA Cycle I

1991 – 1992

Mira, Cycle I weaves the lives of an abandoned girl-child from Tennessee and Mirabai, a mystic poet of 16th century India. Mirabai, born a princess in the Raj’s court, renounced her royal lifestyle to wander Northern India singing and dancing poems and songs of devotion to Krishna, “The Dark One.” This piece is the first of 3 pieces embodying and exploring her work and life and their relevance to the contemporary world. It is an exploration of physical systems of the body interfaced with history. The purpose of these explorations is to expose points of tension within the personal story and body and release the energy held within.

Kim collaborated with CONTRABAND directed by Sara Shelton Mann, from 1988 – 1997.

Printed Program

Performance Fliar & Press

October 18, 19, 20 1992

CONTRABAND performed for the Contemporary Dance Season in Portland, Oregon.

Performance Fliar for Theater Artaud, San Francisco June 13-23, 1991

Dance Pick of the Week at Highways theater in Santa Monica, CA Oct 10, 12-14, 1991.