Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances 2014

May 4, 2014

Brava! For Women in the Arts & Epiphany Productions presented the Second Annual “Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances” ‘Down Historic Balmy Alley’. Free to the public, the performances were on the last day of Bay Area Dance Week.

Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances takes over Balmy Alley as the event rolls into its 2nd year. Last year’s Baile en la Calle – featuring 5 performances at 5 mural sites on the lower 24th Corridor – was attended by over 600 people. This year Epiphany Productions, Cuicacalli Dance Company, Cuicacalli Escuela de Danza and Loco Bloco offer dance interpretations of the murals along the Mission’s historic Balmy Alley, home to the most concentrated collections of murals in the city of San Francisco. The alley’s murals feature the common theme of protest of US intervention in Central America and celebration of indigenous cultures of Central America and have inspired similar projects across the country. Joining Epiphany Productions were guest artist and local favorite, singer-songwriter Diana Gameros. Joining Cuicacalli were Brava residence youth artists, the renowned Los Chiles Verdes Salsa Band Workshop.

Tours began at:
11am, Noon, 1pm and 2pm

Starting location:
Precita Eyes
2981 24th Street
San Francisco, CA

Free Event!
Sunday, May 4

From the dancers’ movements to the murals to the music and spoken words, you watch Balmy Alley come alive and see a deep meaning to life here! You become a part of this amazing collaboration of art, dance, and music — it is contagious and you catch yourself nodding your head in agreement and dancing too.

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