Mudd Butt International

For 21 years, Mudd Butt International’s adventurous spirit brought teenagers across the world to learn theater, music, dance, visual arts while experiencing cross-cultural immersion. MBI has toured Morocco, Galapagos, Bali, Turkey, Indonesia, Slovakia, the Bahamas, Ireland, New Zealand, Nicaragua, India, Vietnam, Cat Island and Ethiopia, among others. Master workshops were taught at international residencies which culminated in a public performance that takes place from village to village.

Program Includes:

Indoor Performance Workshops including acting, singing, dancing, creative writing, improvisation, and drumming.

Take part in the creation of spectacular props, puppets, masks, and costumes inspired by Bread and Puppet Theater.

Outdoor adventures and site specific theater experiments designed to tap into students’ creativity.

Offers a link to all our humanity by employing and exploring mix movement, music, and classic narratives.

 Cumulative Performances at the site’s cultural center.

Students are invited to invest in play and creativity and to see it as a lifelong necessity.

Program Goals:

Students live and work with their peers as well as our international neighbors in an intercultural arts exchange.

Students are empowered to become leaders by creating global community abroad, united through art.

Students are mentored by community leaders and distinguished arts-professionals, building connections that extend well beyond traditional borders.

Students develop life-skills concerning communication, presence, empathy, constructive introspection and to perceive the world with a healthier critical perception.

Students explore new surroundings, languages, and experiences as they step out of their everyday lives.