Dance and art have the power to change your perspective. If you’re willing to keep an open mind, art can show you things you’ve never seen before [and how to] appreciate everything, big and small.

Participant, Kids On Track Program

What is Kids On Track?

Kids on Track reaches out to Bay Area youth programs with Master Class/Workshops via hybrid and online learning, Meet-the-Artist sessions, and field trip to SF Trolley Dances KOT performance day.

In the weeks leading up to the SF Trolley Dance performances, Artistic Director Kim Epifano and Epiphany’s Teaching Artists visit each participating class to teach workshops in dance, exploring site-specific art and creative movement.

Who is Kids On Track For?

  • Grade school through college
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Home Schoolers
  • Throughout the Bay Area!

* KOT Meets All CA Dance Standards

Program Includes:

A master class at your school with professional artists.

An exclusive tour of SF Trolley Dances.

A kinetic approach to academic and arts learning standards.

Supplementary support in dance technique, performance and productions.

Dance and music curriculum to connect to our city’s history and architectural landscape.

Program Goals:

Students get to know their own city in a new light.

Students develop awareness, appreciation and understanding with sound and movement.

Students explore the power of collaboration.

Students develop spatial awareness and relationships through human movement expression.

Students develop skills in critical review.

Students consider and comprehend the value of a diverse community.

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What a gorgeous day, diverse and gorgeous dance through the maze of downtown SF! Thank you to Kim and the EDT crew and artists. We so, so, so very much enjoyed—and learned so, so much!

Elementary School Teacher

I enjoyed your dances. They were unique. It made me feel like I was traveling the world a bit.

4th grader

I liked how all the dances left you in thought and wonder of what it was about.

5th grader

We went all over the place! This was fantastic for our middle schoolers! The spaces were diverse and unique and dance troupes fantastic!

Middle School Teacher

Dance and art have the power to change your perspective. If you’re willing to keep an open mind, art can show you things you’ve never seen before, appreciate everything, big and small.

Made us think about cultural integration of San Francisco and how so many kinds of people and dances work together.

Everything about Trolley Dances was exciting and adventurous. The creativity was amazing and endless as was the energy and effort. You could really tell the dancers felt like they were part of something unique and very special. I am so happy I got to see these performances and have a wider range in inspiration.

This was my fourth year of attending Trolley Dances with School of the Arts. Every year I am impressed with the variety of dance companies in the Bay Area. This year was stunning as usual.

Trolley Dances provided another great day of showcasing San Francisco’s unique dance community. I thank Kim Epifano for her master class and her invitation to a special showing on the Friday before the weekend.”