The 9th Annual San Francisco Trolley Dances was held October 19-21, 2013 starting at the Intersection for the Arts/5m Placeworks at the SF Chronicle Building.

Fantastic performances by:
• Epiphany Productions sonic dance theater
• Campo Santo with Mix’d Ingrdnts, Felonious and DJ Wonway Posibul
• Carpetbag Brigade with accordionista, Diana Strong
• Diamano Coura West African Dance Company
• Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers
• Allelulia Panis Dance Theater
• Mas Makers Massive

Learn more about San Francisco Trolley Dances 2012 in San Francisco BayView and SF Gate!

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Responses From the General Public…

“One of the best events each year!”

“Trolley Dances is the BEST dance event in SF.”

“This was nothing short of amazing!”

“Wonderful blend of culture. Beautiful work.”

“Thank you millions for always putting together such a wonderful show, well organized array of dreams.”

“First time to San Francisco. Awesome city because of events like this.”