San Francisco Trolley Dances

With on-site performances occurring Oct. 15th for Kids on Track students as well as the 16th and 17th for the general public and online on-demand viewing available for the remainder of the year – Epiphany Dance Theater brings you a free film festival of site-specific dance co-curated by Executive Artistic Director Kim Epifano and Managing Director Jes DeVille, featuring a revamped Kids on Track educational program spearheaded by Education & Communications Director Kayla May Paz Suarez.

2021’s iteration spans San Francisco’s East Cut / Rincon Hill and Castro districts, pairing artists and ensembles with specific sites along a historic MUNI route for 6 to 10-minute performances in response to the physical environment, architecture, and history of the city.


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Sept. - Oct. 2021

Kids on Track

Kids on Track will be held via hybrid online and on-site instruction, with performances showcased on Friday, October 15th. Contact us to join the school outreach list and schedule a workshop to secure spots for your students on the Friday performance tours.


Oct. 17th + 18th, 2020

San Francisco Trolley Dances

Epiphany celebrated an incredible 17th anniversary of SFTD in 2020. Please visit the SFTD 2020 page for photos and comments!

Dancers: Fog Beast

“Presented By Epiphany Dance Theater, Trolley Dances is the most delectable moveable dance feast of the season. Using the city as both a backdrop and unpredictable character, the peripatetic event ushers many of the Bay Area’s top dance companies off the stage and onto the street.”

Kids On Track

Since 2007, Epiphany has offered Bay Area schools a free educational component of SF Trolley Dances known as Kids on Track, which features in-school workshops and site-specific performances.



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