Where You From? was Kim Epifano’s performance piece for the 2012 San Francisco Trolley Dances.

Kim Epifano (in collaboration with the performers)

Site Coordinator:
Allison Frost

Maica Folch
Antoine Hunter
Megan Lowe
Hilary Palanza
Jennifer Perfilio
Ong Nitipat Polchoi
Tim Rubel
Cory VanGelder

Cello Joe with Kim Epifano

Brenda Marie, Kim Epifano, Lauren Elder, Tanya Chianese

Thank you to:
Dr. Alice Murillo, Grace Esteban, Dr. Torrance Bynum, Elizabeth Hall and Marvin Manzo and the community at large at CCSF Evans; Thank you to Eugene Whittley, Mark Wilson, Cory VanGelder, Buzz Voytovich, and Joseph Piekutoski for the donation of Costumes.

Where You From? (2012) – Excerpt from Epiphany Dance Theater on Vimeo.