FRESH Festival is an annual feast of experimental dance, performance, and related forms.

FRESH Performance
Through motion and word, Kim Epifano Takes you on an adventure with a piece of cardboard and information filed in the body from the neighborhoods, sidewalks, streets, alleys, history, architecture and people that surround and inform us.

Other performances that night by Sara Shelton Mann, ALTERNATIVA, and Brontez Purnell Dance Company.

Two-Day Lab Workshops:
Practice in Abstract Storytelling (Interdisciplinary Action Clinic for all Performers)
The Workshop/Clinic incorporates physicality-sourcing, essence and guts, partnering, improvisation, distillation, imagery, vocalization, theater and text. We will also use visual art taking pencil/pen to large paper, a process of body mapping that reveals maybe what you did not know was there. Interdisciplinary artists welcome. This is a workshop for performers who dance, sing, act, write, play an instrument or not, and have a strong sense of improvisation as well as technical skills and want to dive further into the creative process of creating and editing material! This workshop will help strengthen your choreographic/performance ideas into reality with integrity. Bring an idea you are working on (if you have one, not necessary) as well as knees pads, a journal and something to write with and one object that you identify with now in your work and life.

FRESH Festival Weekend Labs
Two sessions daily from 10:30am-5:30pm
$50 – 1 Lab, or $250 all inclusive.
To learn more about FRESH Festival, or register for FRESH Practices, please visit: |