To sold out shows, Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater presented Botany’s Breath at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

The Conservatory of Flowers and Kim Epifano’s Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater presented “Botany’s Breath,” a site-specific contemporary dance work with live music and video held in the Conservatory of Flowers, a living museum of rare tropical plants that is the oldest public glass and wood Conservatory in the US. Utilizing the Victorian edifice as provocateur, stage, musical instrument, and projection screen, “Botany’s Breath” led the audience on a walking journey through the rooms of the Conservatory – each one a different, highly nuanced ecosystem – and out into the surrounding grounds, in an exploration of the spiritual, symbiotic relationship between plants and humans.

Performers included:
Chris Black
Alex Zendzian
Nuria Bowart
Marina Fukushima
Jesse Chin
Alicia Ruth
Zoe Kliein
Colin Epstein
Kim Epifano

Project Assistant:
Jessi Barber

Collaborators included:
Peter Whitehead, composer and instrument-builder
Norman Rutherford, musician
Ellen Bromberg with Ben Estabrook, videographer
Allen Willne , lighting designer
Elaine Hamblin, costume designer
Andy Mogg and Joseph C. Kerr, photographers

Excerpt from Heather Desaulniers, Dance Commentary:
“Botany’s Breath” was a delicious collage of this internal and external imagery and a brilliant comment on how life is drawn to both sensations. Two moments of visual perspective also deserve special mention. The first showcased choreography through a sculptural opening and the second through mirrored doors. Both instances had that internal/external duality – the vignettes were occurring in the distance, but at the same time were also very near.

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Botany’s Breath was Funded in part by:
Kenneth Rainin Foundation, San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund/Grants for the Arts, GFTA Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund, Walter and Elise Haas Fund, Paul Dresher ARC Residency, The Bernard Osher Foundation, San Francisco Recreation & Park Department, New Music USA’s MetLife Creative Connections program, The Mexican Bus, and many generous individuals.

In recognition of our generous donors to “Support Botany’s Breath!”  We love and appreciate you:
Joan Moon • Mariel & Paul Batjiaka • James Hunter • Todd Laby • Alexa Bruce • Elaine Hamblin • Victor Fernandes • Jen & Mike • Sally Davis • Doctor Elijah Bonesteel •  Anonymous Supporter • Richard Kittle • Amy Christian • Francisco Oliva • Kenneth James • Linda J. Ray • Kevin Peters • Robert Epstein • David Fore • Amy Carlton • Marla Hodes • Anne Domenica Epifano • Brittany Delany • Shana Hudson • Anonymous Supporter 2 • Randal Symank • Anonymous Supporter 3 • Mark Nelson • Kathleen Sherin • Anonymous Supporter 4 • Anonymous Supporter 5 • Anonymous Supporter 6 • Danielle Salk • Linda J. Ray • Susanna Li Jue • Desiree LeClerc • Michael Naiman • Jennifer Perfilio • Rhythmix Cultural Works • Sharon Hancock • Lauren Elder • Anonymous Contributor • Anonymous Supporter 7 • Cory Vangelder • Janet Scheuer • Anonymous Supporter 8 • Robert Magee • Fred Girodat • Michelle Mokalla

Additional Audience Reactions:

“I thought it was extraordinary and a wonderful was to experience the Conservatory for the first time. I didn’t feel I was watching a performance, I felt I was living in a beautiful, hidden world.”

“Loved the very close proximity to the dancers and how the dancers blended into the quixotic environment of the conservatory.  I also appreciate how difficult it must have been to choreograph a piece given the confines of the space.  I have never experienced such an unusual and rewarding dance experience.”

“Amazing performances in an amazing place that I have loved since childhood.  Thank you for presenting such a unique experience.”

“It was magical. I left feeling that I had just saw what too few have ever seen. How can you offer more showings is the question.”

“The quality, unique setting, the intimacy, and creative vision of the work. Amazingly visceral. Could almost feel the plants breathing with the dancers. Made me want to whisper. Wished I could have shared it with more friends. Loved it.”

“Kim is a master choreographer. Her productions are always extremely thoughtful and heartfelt.  This production was so sensual with the orchids in full bloom, the change of temperature, the butterflies, the vibration of the music and the fluidity of the dancers.”