Kim Epifano is in exploration of change in the place she has called Home for 30 years. She takes action with a group of female performers via physical embodiment of the moment and vocal/theatrical exploration through abstract stories that reveal the senses, politics, history of the places, people and objects she encounters. This ACTIONPhile (Confluence) gleans its information from the streets and sidewalks of Hyde, Grove and Market Streets. This is one of many ACTIONPhiles leading to her company’s 2017-20th anniversary of Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater presented at Yerba Buena Center for The Arts. She is collecting, sorting and sharing through live performance. – Work-in-Progress

Featuring performances by:
Marina Fukushima
Jennifer Perfilio
Juliana Gorman
Karla Quintero
Priscilla Park
Maica Folch
Kim Epifano

Photo Credit: Lynn Fried, Jing He; Original Artwork by Kim Epifano