The 29th year of The Mudd Butt Mystery Theater Troupe 2015  “The Odyssey” – Original adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey by Doug Goodkin, James Harding and Sofia Lopez-lbor with help from Laura Burges, Maica Folch and Melissa Holman-Kursky.

Directors/Artistic Directors:
Kim Epifano & Sally Davis

Prop Master:
Mike Stasiuk

Clay Frohman, Bart Hopkin, Sally Davis, Kim Epifano, and The Troupe

Music and Lyrics:
Annika Zinn, Koko Waller, Phil Stubbs, Sally Davis, Kim Epifano, Maisy Cooper.

Mudd Butts offers a vehicle to link with the mythic foundations that make us human and give life meaning. Our modern world can seem overwhelmingly complex and difficult. We believe that music, dance and theater offer a kind of open door that can provide a powerful transition from the magic of childhood into a balanced and creative lifetime. To learn more about The Mudd Butt Mystery Theater Troupe’s 2015 production “Odyssey”, view or download program here >>

With great support from:
The Telluride Academy