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Youth Programs

Epiphany Dance Theater’s artistic director Kim Epifano is a master teacher who has taught kindergarten through college-aged students nationally and internationally since 1981. Epiphany provides residency programs in Bay Area public schools, offers a special a youth component.

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“The beauty of working with kids is that they are full of the unexpected. They take you down a road that you might not have found otherwise.”


For 31 years, Kim has co-directed Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre Troupe in Telluride, Colorado with music and theater director Sally Davis, prop master Mike Stasiuk, and founder of the Telluride Academy Wendy Brooks. Mudd Butt International (MBI) has toured internationally for 19 years to Bali, Turkey, Indonesia, Slovakia, the Bahamas, Ireland, New Zealand, Nicaragua, India, Vietnam, Cat Island and Ethiopia, among others.

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Residency Programs

One of Epiphany Dance Theater’s most successful educational outreach programs is its Story Telling Dance Theater and Visual Arts Program for K through 6th grade students. The workshops are designed to teach basic performance skills as a means of self-expression, provide hands-on experience working as a group and expand basic language skills, as well as to promote self-confidence, creative problem-solving and cross-cultural awareness.

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“My students and I are truly amazed at Ms. Epifano’s talent as an artist. She combined her lesson of storytelling with actions and active participation of the students through drama.”

Kids on Track

Since 2007, Epiphany has offered Bay Area schools a free educational component of SF Trolley Dances known as Kids on Track. Kids on Track reaches out to our city’s youth with a program that includes a master class/workshop, meet-the-artist sessions, and exposure to live professional performances through reserved tours for the Friday shows of SFTD. We work with students from grade school through college, as well as home schoolers.

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