Education & Outreach

Epiphany Dance Theater serves a wide range of students, engaging youth of all socio-economic backgrounds, as well as collegiate and professional dancers. We provide enrichment and educational programs that employ interdisciplinary performance arts as tools for learning, inquiry, skill building, community engagement and cultural collaborations.

“Kim ties in all needed elements of theater, dance and life. I have learned so much in this class!”


Epiphany Dance Theater serves 1,500 K-12 public school students each year—primarily in at-risk communities—through its residency program, Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre and Kids On Track.

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Epiphany Dance Theater is committed to expanding participation in the arts at a professional level. Epiphany offers adult educational classes and workshops for dance and theater professionals and college students in a variety of dance and movement techniques.


What students in the UCLA World Arts and Cultures Program are saying:

“Kim has awakened a lot of people to new perspectives of movement.”

“I love Kim! This is the best course and teacher combination here! She has brought the dance level up at this university. I feel she would be a good permanent addition to any university faculty.”